Custom Chamber Music

Why Custom Chamber Music?

Why did we start C-Y Music and Custom Chamber Music?

We play in several chamber groups ourselves, and we know how difficult it is to find decent music once you get away from the traditional string quartet or piano trio. For example, we often play with just violin and cello, or a string trio with a 2nd violin instead of viola, and there just isn't very much written for those combinations.  And we would often get requests for specific pieces, especially for wedding gigs, where we would have to come up with our own arrangements.

Why do you need Custom Chamber Music?

Because there is a huge world of classical music that you would love to play with your own group, but the composer didn't happen to pick your specific combination of instruments.  If you have the skill, resources, and time, you can make your own arrangements. But:

Why classical music?

Because we are classical musicians, and that is the music we know best.  Also, because most (but not all) classical music is in the public domain, which simplifies things.

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