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Beethoven Symphony #1, Op. 21

Unlike most of Beethoven's other symphonies, his Symphony #1 is still well-grounded in the musical language of Haydn and Mozart. Although there are already some hints of rebellion against the classical symphonic form, the sound and structure would still be very familiar and comfortable to the audience of his day. Beethoven used this first symphony to cement his reputation as an accepted composer before continuing on to completely rewrite the rulebook of what it means to be a symphony.

A few notes on the parts and instruments:
When you purchase this composition, you will be taken to PayPal to submit your payment. As soon as you pay, you will be able to download all the PDF files immediately. You will have access to every part for each available instrument, in the proper key and clef. You will also get a complete score (in most cases, we include four separate scores with all parts transposed to C, Bb, Eb, and F).
You don't have to purchase each part separately; one single payment covers all the parts you need for the instruments in your ensemble.

Version v01

Buy Version v01 ($24.99)

This version is for string octet, or more precisely a double string quartet. It contains the complete symphony (all 4 movements in their entirety).

Generally, the first 4 instruments have most of the original woodwind parts and some of the brass. The second 4 instruments have most of the original string parts and some of the brass.

This arrangement works best when there is some contrast between the two quartets, either by antiphonal seating (e.g. violin 1 and 2 sit physically apart on the stage from violin 3 and 4) or by using different bow strokes and weights when playing the wind parts.

Composition: Beethoven Symphony #1, Op. 21
Version: v01
Instrumentation: Octet
Duration: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Price: $24.99

Beethoven Symphony #1, Op. 21, Version v01
Part Range Available Instruments
Score Full Score in C, Bb, Eb, and F
Part 1 (std) C4 - G6 Violin
Part 2 (std) C4 - E6 Violin
Part 3 (std) F3 - A5 Viola
Part 4 (std) C2 - G4 Cello
Part 5 (std) G3 - G6 Violin
Part 6 (std) G3 - D6 Violin
Part 7 (std) C3 - E5 Viola
Part 8 (std) C2 - A4 Cello