Custom Chamber Music

What Do You Get From Custom Chamber Music?

What kinds of music do we arrange?

Please see CCM Neo for a description of what types of music we arrange. You can also see full examples of some of our arrangements at CCM Classics Free Downloads.

What do you get?

You will receive PDF files of high-quality professionally engraved sheet music, ready to be printed and performed. To see what these look like, check out our CCM Classics Free Download page.

For new arrangements from CCM Neo, we will email you PDF files of the score and all parts as soon as the arrangement is finished.

For existing arrangements from CCM Classics, you can immediately download the score and all parts.

You do not need to pay for scores and parts separately. You do not need to pay for multiple copies of a part. You automatically get the score and all available parts. (Note that CCM Classics often has multiple versions of the same composition, and you will only get access to the version you paid for).

What style are the arrangements?

Our goal is to remain true to the original, within the limits of the instrumentation. We do not reinterpret the music or arrange it in the style of someone else.

Why should you use Custom Chamber Music?

Many websites offer arrangements of classical music. But their arrangements are usually for just one specific combination of instruments, like two violins and cello, and that might not match your group. Or they offer a generic arrangement for "C instruments", but there is no guarantee that your combination of instruments can actually play it. And if your instrument happens to be in a less common key or clef, you're completely out of luck.

At Custom Chamber Music, we calculate exactly which of the 58 instruments we support have the right range to play each part. And then we generate each part in all the necessary combinations of keys and clefs for precisely those instruments. We also tell you the range of each part, just in case your third trombone player doesn't play quite as high as everyone else.

Of course, certain arrangement will sound better and be more playable with some instruments than with others. If you are ordering a new arrangement from CCM Neo, we will work with you to match the challenges of your particular group. If you are looking for existing arrangements at CCM Classics, we leave that choice up to you. For example, most people would never want to have an alto flute play the lead on Dvorak's Slavonic Dance #8 against 4 brass players. But if that happens to be your combo and the five of you have figured out how how to play well together, this is exactly the sort of music you can't get anywhere else.

What is the difference between CCM Neo and CCM Classics?

CCM Neo allows you to order a new custom arrangement of your choice, with instrumentation matching your specific ensemble. CCM Classics lets you purchase and download existing arrangements at a huge discount.

What do you need to do?

Order a new arrangement from CCM Neo, or browse our collection of existing arrangements at CCM Classics.