Custom Chamber Music

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I use Custom Chamber Music?
  2. What makes Custom Chamber Music different?
  3. What do I get in a CCM Classics order?
  4. What are the arrangements like?
  5. What is the difference between CCM Neo and CCM Classics?
  6. Can you arrange something in the style of my favorite composer?
  7. What type of arrangement can I order from CCM Neo?
  8. How much does a custom arrangement cost?
  9. When will I receive my new custom arrangement?
  10. Do you do arrangements of contemporary music?
  11. Which instruments do you arrange for?
  12. Which instruments play which parts?
  13. Can I perform a CCM arrangement in public?
  14. Can I perform a CCM arrangement for profit?
  15. Can I share a CCM arrangement with others?
  16. Can I print extra copies of a CCM arrangement?
  17. Can I resell a CCM arrangement?
  18. Why did you create Custom Chamber Music
  19. Why do you focus on classical music?