Custom Chamber Music

What instruments do you arrange for?

Custom Chamber Music arrangements are typically for one to ten parts (solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet, octet, nonet, decet). This also covers string orchestras, wind ensembles, and brass ensembles. But we can go larger for a custom order.

We work with 58 different instruments for our arrangements. This covers all the major orchestral instruments as well as some early chamber instruments. As our motto says, "If you can bow it or blow it, we've got you covered". These instruments use 13 different combinations of clef/key/octave, and have 27 different playing ranges.

Woodwind Instruments Brass Instruments
Piccolo French Horn
Flute Mellophone
Alto Flute Piccolo Trumpet
Bass Flute Eb Trumpet
Sopranino Recorder D Trumpet
Soprano Recorder C Trumpet
Alto Recorder Bb Trumpet
Tenor Recorder Flugelhorn
Bass Recorder Baritone
Contrabass Recorder Trombone
Oboe Alto Trombone
Oboe d'Amore Bass Trombone
English Horn C Euphonium
Bass Oboe Bb Euphonium
Eb Clarinet Tuba
C Clarinet Eb Sousaphone
Bb Clarinet Bb Sousaphone
A Clarinet
Basset Horn String Instruments
Alto Clarinet Violin
Bass Clarinet Viola
Contra-Alto Clarinet Cello
Contrabass Clarinet Bass
Piccolo Saxophone Bass 8vb
Sopranino Saxophone Viola d'Amore
Soprano Saxophone Treble Viol
Alto Saxophone Tenor Viol
Tenor Saxophone Bass Viol
Baritone Saxophone
Bass Saxophone