Custom Chamber Music

CCM Neo: Custom Classical Arrangements Just For You

At Custom Chamber Music, you can order a custom arrangement of practically any classical music and we will tailor it to your specific ensemble.

Are you looking for Holst instead of Handel? Do you need flugelhorn, viola, and tenor sax instead of 2 violins and cello? Does your trumpet player have a solid double G but your trombone player can only cover one octave? No problem!

What can you order from CCM Neo?

Unlike other sheet music sites, you aren't limited to what instruments the composer originally picked or what someone has already arranged. The whole world of classical music is available to you.

For new custom arrangements, we focus mainly on 17th, 18th, and 19th century music. This includes: But we will also consider earlier (medieval/renaissance) or later music if it is public domain and if we can find a source. Note that We only arrange music that is in the public domain (typically music that was published before 1923).

You might want a violin and piano sonata switched to solo flute with string trio accompaniment. Or you might want a quartet reduced to duet. Or maybe your chamber group wants to perform something from the full orchestral repertoire: symphony, overture, concerto, divertimento, suite, concerto grosso, fanfare, dance, march, opera aria, etc. Whatever the original instrumentation, we can work with you to adapt it to your specific ensemble.

Your custom arrangement can be for any combination of instruments. We generally support from 1 to 10 parts in an arrangement, and you can select from 58 different instruments. So your chamber group is almost certainly covered.

You can get more information here, you can get free examples of CCM arrangements here, and you can browse our collection of existing arrangements at CCM Classics.

How much does it cost?

Because of the custom nature of CCM Neo, each arrangement is priced separately. The price usually depends on the availability and quality of the original source composition, the creative effort in adapting the original composition for your needs, and the mechanical effort in editing and formatting. Once you submit your request, we will quickly research that particular composition and send you a firm price quote, usually within 24 hours. Once you agree to the price and submit a PayPal payment, we will start work on your arrangement and notify you as soon as it is finished.

Just to set expectations, our minimum cost for any arrangement is $75. Most "typical" arrangements are a few hundred dollars. Long compositions (like a full-length symphony) and arrangements that require labor-intensive formatting will be more expensive. (Purchasing an existing arrangement from CCM Classics is much cheaper - often just a few dollars. And there's a very good chance we already have some music there that will fit your group.)

How long does it take?

Our standard turnaround time is 3 weeks from the date we receive full payment. We can sometimes accommodate faster delivery, but there may be an additional charge. In rare cases, it might take longer but we will always tell you ahead of time.

How to order

Just fill in this form to tell us the composer, the composition, and the instruments you want. We will quickly research your request and send you a firm price quote and delivery date for your custom arrangement. If you agree, we will do all the work and send you professionally formatted PDF files of your classical arrangement ready to be printed and performed.